welcome to my personal homepage. here you can find some nice widgets for your iPhone 6+ .. mostly I included also a ‚how-to‘ use on smaller devices. btw. here’s only my stuff from ios 8 .. everything else would go… Weiterlesen →


Recreated an old iPhone widget of mine .. Elite V12 .. Icons are Elite by ‚barsoverbeats‘ Rob Grohman KWGT-Widget is by Irwin Kurniadi Wallpaper and Overlay => HERE Forgot the font πŸ˜‰ => HERE πŸ™‚


Icons ‚Tinker‘ by @krisjayproducer Wallpaper by @Sn0wd3n Widgets selfmade with KWGT Download Wallpaper und Widgets => Here  


Icons ‚Afresco‘ by Maximo Barone Widget is again Ocea KWGT


Angel‘ by Chris @Chris_Themes .. thank you for the lovely gift Iconomatic is by subywrex Widget is Ocea KWGT


Icons ‚Elite‘ by barsoverbeats Widget ‚Ocea‘ KWGT


Thanks to Boots for the wallpaper KWGT Moon


  LG V30 with Nova Launcher Prime Wallpaper .. sorry I don’t know anymore, I have it already a very long time. Icons: Jewel by Svink Energy Bar by IJP Navbar Apps by Damian Piwowarski Widget selfmade with KWGT Pro… Weiterlesen →


Wallpaper – Google+ (edited) Icons are a mix .. Lux by Colby Roark and Pineapple and some selfmade Zooper-Widget selfmade πŸ™‚

Todays look

Wallpaper – Google+ (edited) Lux Icons by Colby Roark inspired by kwerdenker πŸ™‚

Long time no see :)

Icons are a mix .. Lux by Colby Roark Mambo Icon Pack (Playstore) Min – Icon Pack (Playstore) Widget selfmade with Zooper Pro.

Sobo V2 (EMUI 4.1)

Now I have dared me to Huawei’s Emotion UI .. edited here and there to my liking πŸ˜€ Icons used from Sobo V2 by Indra Juliana. Basic theme I used Flat EMUI by maximax2795, so thanks to him πŸ™‚ =>… Weiterlesen →

Big Date

Changed my layout this morning πŸ™‚ Credits to nabhan for the illustration on the wallpaper. Icons ‚Nagasari‘ are from B.S O.D .. I have edited the form and some other small things to my liking. Zooper Widget, Wallpaper, etc =>… Weiterlesen →

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