update .. Since a long time I do no iPhone theming anymore and now it’s time to update my side a little bit. You will only see some screenshots now and then, maybe they can be an inspiration πŸ™‚ *… Weiterlesen →


Icons are again by @mpiregraphix Widget Huk KWGT Wallpaper here πŸ™‚


Today’s setup with the cool icons by @mpiregraphix .. thank you πŸ™‚ Wallpaper in original by Vitor Castanheira. Iconomatic by EdiTZ Wallpaper here πŸ™‚

16.04.2018 1

This evening ‚V4‘ by @jima6636 for me .. thank you Jim πŸ™‚ .. converted to silver Basic Widget is Moon KWGT Wallpaper here πŸ™‚


This morning a simple layout with a beautiful photo by @photo5065 Icons again #Edgy11 @srioz @daddykool666 Widget Piscis W KWGT by @HaleyPredator Wallpaper here πŸ™‚


Today in ‚Edgy11‘ dressΒ  @daddykool666Β  @srioz Widget is Unity KWGT Wallpaper here πŸ™‚

13.04.2018 1

Icons ‚anti-theme‘ by Paul @paulebh0y Kwgt by Tonie @Doghousebluess πŸ™‚


Icons by Chris @krisjayproducer mixed them a little bit and partly edited KWGT ‚Moon‘ by Eduardo Barreto Wallpaper here πŸ™‚


Icons ‚Flatty‘ by Chris @krisjayproducer Music Komp by @MarcusBremen If someone like the files (wallpaper, kwgt’s and AE) are here => https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtmyQgX5JtMog8YU8c7INf8BRgcm-Q πŸ™‚


Icons by Paul @paulebh0y Fourtwenty KWGT by Tonie @Doghousebluess Wallpaper here   .. and a second variant .. Wallpaper here πŸ™‚


I like the comic style, therefore today again .. Icons ‚Astropaul 2‘ by @paulebh0y KWGT 420 by @Doghousebluess Wallpaper here πŸ™‚

08.04.2018 1

PISCIS W KWGT by @HaleyPredator The icons are selfmade long time ago for my iPhone. Wallpaper and Icons πŸ™‚


Thanks to @paulebh0y for the icons. Fourtwenty KWGT is by @Doghousebluess Wallpaper here πŸ™‚

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