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Tried to make some icons 🙂 Andromeda KWGT Here is a little preview .. But only a few, maybe I do more but I don’t know atm .. With and without shadow => HERE 🙂  

03.05.2018 1

And again a little bit to read 😀 Icons Astropaul 3 by @paulebh0y Andromeda KWGT Music widget selfmade


My lockscreen this evening .. Wallpaper by macinmac Widget Minimo2 edited to KLCK 🙂


This morning for me .. RVNGE by Nou @nou_bass_1st Illustration on my wall by @STREET_ART_UK Andromeda KWGT 🙂


Because I love the lockscreen by Manny @Metaserph I had to copy 😀 Made with KLCK Image by @TreyRatcliff Here is the klck file if someone like, but you will need the Pro Version from Playstore 🙂


Icons by @mpiregraphix Illustration on my wall is in original by Lafar88 .. edited a bit Widget selfmade 🙂


This afternoon I have ‚blckntl‘ by @nou_bass_1st on my phone and I like it a lot 🙂 KWGT is Achromatic


Today again the beautiful icons ‚Elysian‘ by @mpiregraphix Wallpaper by Paul @paulebh0y little bit edited Widget is Achromatic KWGT 🙂


Setup this evening with the great theme #BlackNux by Chris @Chris_Themes Widget is Moon KWGT 🙂


Icons by Chris @krisjayproducer Widget Moon KWGT Illustration on my Wall by Apriorii 🙂

21.04.2018 1

My phone tonight in batman style:) Icons ‚Marabou Lounge‘ by Maxone (Maximo Barone) Widget Minimo 2 KWGT


Icons by Paul @paulebh0y KWGT Minimo 2 (Playstore) Credit for the image on my wall to ‚killer_instincts‘ 🙂

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