Long time no see :)

Icons are a mix .. Lux by Colby Roark Mambo Icon Pack (Playstore) Min – Icon Pack (Playstore) Widget selfmade with Zooper Pro.

Sobo V2 (EMUI 4.1)

Now I have dared me to Huawei’s Emotion UI .. edited here and there to my liking πŸ˜€ Icons used from Sobo V2 by Indra Juliana. Basic theme I used Flat EMUI by maximax2795, so thanks to him πŸ™‚ =>… Weiterlesen →

Big Date

Changed my layout this morning πŸ™‚ Credits to nabhan for the illustration on the wallpaper. Icons ‚Nagasari‘ are from B.S O.D .. I have edited the form and some other small things to my liking. Zooper Widget, Wallpaper, etc =>… Weiterlesen →

Thanks to B.O S.D :)

Zooper Widget and Icons ‚Nagasari‘ by B.O S.D (little bit edited). πŸ™‚


The stuff I liked most on my iPhone, I do now for my M8te, so also this one .. Thanks to Robert DΕ‚ubak for the Zooper widget, I modified a bit for my needs. Wallpaper, Icons (self made) and widget… Weiterlesen →


Actually made it for my iPhone some time ago, but now I’ve created for Zooper .. ZooperPro – Tendere Icon Pack Zooper Widget and Wallpaper => iElk The search widget is already included here. πŸ™‚


ZooperPro – Icons, Wall and Widget by me. => BatJoker πŸ™‚

Be yourself

ZooperPro – Min Icon Pack Zooper Widget => Be yourself πŸ™‚

Again Zooper

Another ios widget of mine I ‚ported‘ to android πŸ˜‰ Zooper Widget => ZooperWomanMone πŸ™‚

Port to Android :)

Today I have ported my iPhone widget ‚iWidget Line‘ to Zooper (Android) πŸ˜€ If someone has use for it, here are the widgets => Line Widget + GoogleSearch Hopefully I have saved the file correct, it’s the first time πŸ™„… Weiterlesen →

Thanks to Gary for the widget :)

Zooper Pro – Widget by Gary Vartanian – Min Icon Pack πŸ™‚

It makes fun :)

Zooper Pro – Unity Widgets (edited) – Min Icon Pack – Wallpaper Vladstudio

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