Installation WH

PLEASE NOTE: WeatherHTML is not an all-round Shortcut for everyone - like EasyWeather - it's more for former Jailbreakers and Web Developers, who are familiar with html and css styling. JavaScript might be helpful, but not required. Styling opportunities are more manifold compared to EasyWeather or RealWeather. If you are not familiar with html coding, you can still install the shortcut and use themer's setups. Enjoy!

You can theme your homescreen / lockscreen by using:
- Style.css
- customfonts.css (add as many local fonts as required)
- config.js (turn on / off complete div-blocks for faster theming)
- customtxt.html (add as many divs, span ... as required)


Thanks to: @Mone @Byron @Att57 @Elise and @ beta team

written by @thewaytozion

You have to install 2 shortcuts:

1. Shortcut "JustWeather" *note 1) :

iOS14.4. +


2. Shortcut "WeatherHTML" :

File System (243 MB) :


*note 1) JustWeather-Shortcut can be used as a Stand-Alone Shortcut for Weatherfetching and can be used e.g. by scriptable or other shortcuts. A JSON-file with weather data will be stored on your iCloud - so far English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese are supported.

WeatherHTML 1.1 (24hr forecast)


WeatherHTML 1.2 (Maps for iOS15)



Be aware. Shortcut written on beta iOS15 --- might be buggy.