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08.04.2018 1

PISCIS W KWGT by @HaleyPredator The icons are selfmade long time ago for my iPhone. Wallpaper and Icons 🙂


Thanks to @paulebh0y for the icons. Fourtwenty KWGT is by @Doghousebluess Wallpaper here 🙂


My Lockscreen this evening .. my son is a fan of him 😎 Thank you Jason @Jkauf55 for widget inspiration. The image of Conor McGregor I found on google, credits to the creator. You need KLCK in the Pro Version… Weiterlesen →


This evening again Motif11  @daddykool666 @muthemes Top widget 420 KWGT by @Doghousebluess Bottom widget Minimo2 KWGT 🙂


Reworked some Afresco icons and some are new. Bottom widget is Fourtwenty KWGT (Playstore). Wallpaper is selfmade .. Illustration on it is by Esra Roise. Icons and Wallpaper 🙂


Today I found a really nice wallpaper on google, but it was way to small .. so I recreated it 🙂 Icons again by Chris @krisjayproducer Widget is PISCIS W KWGT (Playstore) by @HaleyPredator Wallpaper here


My phone today with the super nice icons ‚The End‘ by Chris @krisjayproducer .. thanks a lot for them. Widget is HUK KWGT (Playstore) .. and the illustration on the wallpaper is by Julio Cesar. Wallpaper here 🙂


Icons by Chris @krisjayproducer a little bit mixed. Widget at top is Fourtwenty KWGT (Playstore) and at bottom is selfmade inspired by mafioso. Wallpaper was only a cutting, now edited to a complete one 🙂 Wallpaper, bottom widget and AE… Weiterlesen →


Hypsta icons by Chris @krisjayproducer KWGT is Fourtwenty (Playstore) Wallpaper here 🙂


Simple Lockscreen with KLCK (Playstore) today 🙂 Wallpaper somewhere from Google+ (Credits to creator) here


Icons ‚HypstaPt2 Glyphs‘ by Chris @krisjayproducer little bit edited. Widget Unity KWGT (Playstore) Wallpaper and Music KWGT here 🙂


Icons Motif11 by @daddykool666 @muthemes KWGT Unity (Playstore) Wallpaper and Music KWGT here 🙂

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