As the title says, the background (and also the layers) will change for day and night 🙂


Credits to Max Patrese for the base script.

Iconoclasm layout included in the folder ‚Extras‘, but it’s this time specially for the 6+, it will not fit other devices!
It’s because of the height of the 6+ .. otherwise my first row would be too low.

Icons you see on the screenshots are ‚Afresco by Maxone‘.

Wallpapers are from freepic and authenpic.


Location is to set at ‚var locale‘ in the script .. and the ‚C‘ to ‚F‘ you change here ..

document.getElementById(„temp“).innerHTML=tempValue+ „°C„;

The 12h mode is to change here ..

<!– !For 12hrs mode delete the double slash in front! –>
//currentHours = ( currentHours > 12 ) ? currentHours – 12 : currentHours;

I think that’s it 🙂

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